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Welcome to! is an investment fund that invests cash in gold and diamond. We offer our services to the international community. Investing in gold or diamond is traditionally regarded as a way to preserve capital. However, in modern times, this approach is not as simple as it might seem. The ability to trade gold and diamond on the open market have brought great changes in the prices of raw materials. Today, these changes are a big obstacle for investors, as they can contribute to the loss of their savings.

If you are like many other conservative investors these days, you need something more than just an online broker that allows you to trade. Looking for sophisticated, professionals think gradually as who can directly assist you in obtaining a true and great value of their investment. We use naturally in powerful trading techniques allow us to generate significant profits and share them with our customers through a wide range of investment options.






Referral program

We have a three-level referral program. It is some kind of corporation reward for new investors attraction. Referral commission is 10% respectively of the amount invested by your referral . In order to attract new clients we give you a special referral link which you can advertise. If a new client visits the site and registers with the help of this link, he will be included in the referral list of the client who advertises this link.



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